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About Pharmacy Errors & Malpractice

Not all medical malpractice occurs in a hospital. In fact, pharmacy errors may be grounds for a malpractice claim based upon a pharmacy or pharmacist's negligence in dispensing a prescription to a patient. If you recently visited a San Jose pharmacy and were given the wrong medication, had a violent reaction to the prescription that was dispensed, or were given the wrong dosage amount, you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit based upon a pharmacy error.

Contact a San Jose pharmacy error lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today if you would like to learn more about your right to legal recourse in the wake of any injury caused by an error, mistake or negligence on the part of a pharmacy or pharmacist. Our law firm represents clients throughout San Jose, and we offer a free initial consultation to talk to you about your particular case. With more than 35 years of combined attorney experience, we have the know-how to accurately assess your legal matter and assist you in taking action to seek financial damages for what you have experienced.

Pharmacy Mistakes - The Wrong Prescription or Wrong Dose

There are numerous pharmacies throughout San Jose, some associated with major corporations such as Target, Walgreens or Safeway. With the number of prescriptions a busy pharmacy may fill in a single day, even an extremely low percentage of error may mean that several patients walk away with the wrong medicine or the wrong dose on a relatively frequent basis.

If your prescription was not what the doctor ordered, you may have grounds for a civil suit based upon malpractice or negligence on the part of the pharmacy. Particularly if you will be facing off against a large corporation in filing your claim, it is important that you involve an attorney as early as possible. This can help ensure you are not taken advantage of with an unfairly low settlement and that your rights are properly represented.

Contact a San Jose pharmacy malpractice attorney at our law firm today to schedule a complimentary consultation to talk about your case.