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About Infections in Hospitals

Medical Malpractice Attorney in San Jose

Much has been said or written about medical malpractice.  We are certain that most health providers practice their chosen field with diligence and in keeping with their professional oaths.  It is, however, a fact of life that infections in hospitals result in too many injuries and fatalities.  Research varies on the exact number of deaths that are caused by hospital infections each year.  Even the most conservative of studies reveal that approximately 1 in 20 patients will be infected in U.S. hospitals in any given year.  Many of the infections are avoidable and were brought about by medical negligence.  This is where an experienced San Jose medical malpractice lawyer may be of great service to you or a loved one.

Sometimes infections in hospitals are impossible to avoid.  Patients that are elderly, those with weakened immune systems or those in the final stages of a long illness, can all fall prey to an infection.  At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated, that the most effective way to prevent hospital infections is simply for doctors to wash their hands between treating patients.  It is estimated that physicians clean their hands between patients only 48% of the time.  At the Pacific Attorney Group, we understand that when you were in the care of a health care provider, you trusted them to do you no harm.  We also know how serious and life changing infections have been to thousands of hospital patients and thus our desire to help.

Prevention of Hospital Infections  

Some infectious bacteria have become immune to various forms of medicine making prevention of their spread even more vital.  Simple acts such as washing hands, proper sterilization procedures or having and following effective sanitary procedures, can all prevent infection.  Failure to sterilize catheters or ventilators can allow bacteria to enter the body, causing infection.  Failure to diagnose an infection or properly treat one is also a form of medical negligence.

If you have received a hospital infection, the true cause of it will need thorough and expert investigation.  Insurance companies may try to delay or reduce the payment of fair compensation.  Meanwhile, you could be facing additional medical costs, future medical expenditures and an inability to earn wages.  We believe you should have your full attention on getting well, while we investigate and handle your legal concerns.  Together we may be able to return you to your desired quality of life.

Contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney in San Jose when you or a loved one has fallen prey to a hospital infection and require competent legal help.