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Doctor Errors & Medical Malpractice

San Jose Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Did a doctor error cause injury to you or someone you love? At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent injured patients throughout San Jose in need of legal counsel in filing malpractice suits against doctors who have made mistakes in regard to their diagnosis or treatment of a patient. For a free consultation, call a San Jose medical malpractice attorney at our offices.

An error or mistake on the part of any doctor is a form of medical malpractice or medical negligence that may cause serious patient injury. Unfortunately, doctor errors have existed since the beginning of medicine and will continue to occur, no matter what precautions we take. After all, doctors are only human, and humans make mistakes. The only difference is that when a doctor makes a mistake, this may have disastrous consequences.

About Doctor Errors

What are some types of doctor errors, and how may these affect a patient? First, a doctor error may occur at virtually any stage of medical care: in the diagnosis of a patient, in treating a patient, during surgery, or during postoperative care. Following are some examples:

  • A doctor making a mistake and writing down the wrong medicine on a prescription slip.
  • A doctor not looking at a patient's medical records and prescribing a medication to which the patient is allergic.
  • A doctor misreading test results and making an inaccurate diagnosis.
  • A doctor accidentally forgetting to give a nurse instructions to administer medication, discharge a patient, or perform some type of treatment.
  • A doctor failing to write down an action taken or medicine given on a patient's chart.

Because a doctor error may be serious and may result in expensive medical bills, permanent disability or other grave situations, it is important to involve a lawyer who can represent your interests and assist you in recovering the highest amount of financial compensation possible for your unique case.

Contact a lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today.