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Microcephaly Attorney in San Jose

What is microcephaly?

Microcephaly is not a common term in our everyday language.  For the children that suffer from it and their parents, it can become a life-long struggle.  The disorder is caused by a variety of conditions, which result in the child's head being much smaller than average for a person's age or sex.  Unfortunately, life expectancy for a child who has microcephaly is often reduced.  Normal brain function is often poor and other conditions can be present which complicate the situation.  Alcoholism, diabetes, chickenpox and rubella (German measles) are frequently associated with microcephaly.

At the Pacific Attorney Group we may be of service to you and your family if you suspect that microcephaly was caused due to a doctor's error.  A doctor's misdiagnosis, use of unnecessary x-rays or failures in prenatal care or treatment, can all be causative factors in microcephaly.  An experienced and knowledgeable San Jose medical malpractice lawyer may work with you, to help discover the cause of your child's condition.  With the cause proven, proper compensation for the care of your child can be sought.   

Symptoms and Help for your Child

The appearance of the baby's head can be a key element of diagnosis for microcephaly.  Delays in development, spastic movement of the extremities, seizures, poor feeding and high-pitched cries can also be microcephaly symptoms.  Sometimes an infant with microcephaly is born with a normal head size.  As the child grows the head fails to grow at a normal pace.  The condition may not be immediately recognizable at child birth but will manifest as the child grows.  Mental retardation is a known and frequent result in a child who has been born with microcephaly.

There is really no treatment for microcephaly itself.  What can be done is to properly treat the various symptoms and provide the best possible support and care for the child.  Emphasis can be placed on maximizing the child's capabilities, while giving them the highest quality of life possible.  There will be future medical costs to consider including various therapies, medications and counseling.  These are all intended to help you and your child.  We would like to help by working towards obtaining the needed compensation if microcephaly is brought about due to medical malpractice.   

Contact a Microcephaly Attorney in San Jose when your child or that of a loved one has microcephaly due to medical malpractice.