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San Jose Bariatric Surgery Attorney

Obesity Problems

The causes, prevention and treatment of obesity are handled by a branch of medicine called "bariatrics."  One portion of this field is bariatric or weight loss surgery, as it is commonly known.  Weight loss is the main purpose of bariatric surgery and it is intended to improve the health of those that need it.  For individuals that are dangerously overweight, this surgery can improve their quality of life and even reduce the risk of death due to obesity.  There are, however, risks to bariatric surgery and complications are fairly common.

When complications arise due to the negligence or malpractice of a medical professional, an experienced San Jose bariatric surgery lawyer can work with you towards achieving the best possible outcome in your case.  When your surgery was performed you probably went into it with hopes for a healthier life.  Indeed, bariatric surgery can not only bring about a long-term loss of weight, but can also help in the recovery from diabetes and improve cardiovascular risk factors.  If the trust you placed in your health care provider seems to have been betrayed, at the Pacific Attorney Group we feel those responsible should be held accountable for their mistakes.

Bariatric Surgery Effects

Adverse complications can and do occur from bariatric surgery.  Sometimes these appear during the initial hospital stay and sometimes they don't show up until weeks or months later.  Common risks can be infections including staph infections, bleeding, gallstones, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, blockage of major arteries and permanent injury to the digestive tract.  In severe cases respiratory arrest, kidney failure or even heart failure can occur. 

There are several elements that can make a legal case involving bariatric surgery complex.  Oftentimes, the sole evidence of what occurred is the surgeon's own report.  Additionally, bariatric surgery is known to have legitimate adverse repercussions, which are not due to malpractice or negligence.  There are, however, legal avenues that can be pursued in order to prove the malpractice.  Inexperienced surgeons, who are not properly trained in this specific procedure, can be negligent in their actions.  Failures to diagnose and properly treat complications that arise from bariatric surgery can make the treating doctor become legally liable.  Whatever the specifics circumstances of your case, we stand ready to assist you or a loved one who has become the victim of bariatric surgery errors.

Contact a San Jose Bariatric Surgery Attorney when errors in bariatric surgery have caused you or a loved one pain and suffering.